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My history world trip paper

Day one: Wednesday 1\10\11

Let us recap now shall we? It all started when I decided to go got to my favorite coffee house to get a latte with extra whipped cream and chocolate shavings. (These companies in my opinion are out to kill. They make desserts not coffee!) Well anyway reader out there who has nothing better to do with their lives, I made the mistake of sitting at the table next to a 20-something woman talking on bedazzled phone with hello kitty stickers. The conversation went something like this,

                 “Guess what Ma! You NEVER in bisquilion years guess what happened today! - No Ma I did not find your appendix medication at Wal-Mart.  I SAID I DID NOT FIND YOUR APPENDIX MEDICATION AT WAL-MART!”

*Everybody in the coffee Shoppe stares at Hello Kitty Phone Girl*                                                                                          A man near the back of the coffee house says

“It’s in isle 4, second shelf, down and to the right. The small bottle with the yellow label.”                                        *Phone Girl gives him a funny look then goes back to her phone call.*                                                                           “yea, I’m still here Ma, so guess what, so that, like, old lady, like, died last night, yup the one that lives across the street in the purple hou-I DON’T CARE IF SHE WORKED IN THE SALVATION ARMY AND SHE USED TO SERVE DRIED EGG WHITES TO THE HOMELESS IN LITTLE PLASTIC CUPS!!! - So when the gold-diggers – uh I mean grave diggers left and took her away I snuck out to the back of her house and scoured her backyard I found this FABULOUS pair of white cross trainer sneakers!!! Well, they used to be white. I think. Now they’re grayish brown. The lady even left the price tag still on them too. And it says when they were made! Only in 1974, so they’re practically good as new. There is only a little mold in the toes and on the bottom of the heel and look like they’ve been re-soled only about 65 times. Great for running in the morning and going out to dinner with my imaginary boyfriend.                                                   *Everybody stares at her again*                                                                                                                                                               Wal-Mart guy says                                                                                                                                                                           “I’ll go out with you”                                                                                                                                                                      *this time Phone Girl gives him a murderous look before returning to her call*                                                                “so also-NO, MA  I WILL NOT COME OVER TODAY TO HELP YOU EAT A BOX OF CHERRIOS THAT HAVE BEEN SITTING IN YOU CUBOARD SEEN THE 1982! So also this new thrift shop opened up only a mile away from where I live so I went in to explore and I found this BEAUTIFUL full length, rainbow, snakeskin dress and I t has real fur at the collar and on the sleeve cuffs. And only 3 rips!!! On at the shoulder, one at the back and one, well actually the whole seam needs to be redone. But that’s cool. MA! Well I don’t care what you think about my thrifty style. *Pause* Well I prefer to see my glass as half full. “

She snapped her phone shut and took a sip of her mocha. At the other booth I dug around my purse looking for Tylenol and some antacid tablets. I found 2 Advil’s, popped them in my mouth and rushed out of the House, leaving her to ominously glare and the remaining coffee goers, daring them to comment on her latest phone call.

                I stood outside taking in the fresh air and letting my hair run wild and whip at my face. I shoved my hands in my pockets and strolled down the block. Still searching for relief from the fashion catastrophe that I had just overheard I walked into a nearby casino.

“Thank god  for gambling” I whistpered to myself under my breath.

 There was a new machine near the door way that hadn’t been there before. The title said in big, bold letters “WIN A TRIP.” So I through in a fifty and pulled the lever down.


“uuhhh…?”                                                                                                                                                                         The manager rushed out of his office and ran toward me.


The manger pushed me outside, slammed the door in my face and then screamed at the game

“ (swear word) WHY CAN’T I WIN THIS THING???!!!”

Why can’t my life be normal like everybody else’s?

Anyway I have better things to do than entertain you, reader who has nothing better to do with their lives. Like draw a bracelet design. Or dream about things that are none of business if you happen it be leaning forward and reading with close and intense interest at this time.

                Good night.

 Day two: Tuesday 1\11\11

Well, I happens to be my lucky day. (See date). I finally looked over the paperwork and it true! I will be going on a world trip! Oh I’m so excited! I am already DREAMING about the Bata shoe museum in Toronto, Canada. I am probably most excited to go to France, Europe because I might move to Paris someday. I also want to go the England while I’m there. It will be fun to see the Queen’s guards. I heard they were sexy. And on the manual it also said Botswana, Africa. Uhhh. Yeah. Whatever that is. Not quite sure what that’s about so it will be interesting to see. OH! I almost forgot! Greenland.  Someone told me that they make AMAZING food. The only thing I don’t understand is that name. There’s Ice land and Greenland but what’s ironic is that Greenland is icy and Iceland is green and full of trees.

Goodnight, I think ‘I’ll think about chocolate in Germany! J

(yeah right…like I can get to sleep after learning I’m going on a world trip. And WHY are you smiling? Like you could go to sleep if this happened.)

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LOL forgot to mention up there this is my history paper and it is supposed to be funny and creative not boring and it is supposed to be my opinion. we are pretending we are acctually going on a world trip while we learn about different places so this is the begining. i haven't acctually gone any where yet. you may think it's cheesy but when was the last time your history paper was every fun?

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